What are sponsors

In the Your Circle mobile app or on the Your Circle website, you may see something about "Sponsors".


Screenshot of the website talking about Sponsors on the Gems of Hope webpage

Let me explain what sponsors are, why they are needed, and what they do within the mobile app. This article is meant to assure you that sponsors are not scary. They help provide this great service to you and we are grateful for them 😄.

What are sponsors?

Your Circle is a free to download mobile app. It is however, not free to run. In order to pay all of the bills for this free mobile app, Your Circle charges non-profit organizations an annual fee in exchange for helping non-profits interact with their patients and families within the mobile app.

Non-profit organizations do not work for profit. They operate by writing grants, getting private donations, and sponsorships in order to pay their bills. This is where sponsors come in.

When you see sponsors listed in the Your Circle mobile app or on the Your Circle website, these sponsors are businesses, individuals, or foundations who have given money to the non-profit organization to help the non-profit to pay their annual Your Circle fee.

What sponsors can and cannot do?

When you use the Your Circle mobile app, you are communicating with community members of Your Circle. This is one of the core values of Your Circle. Non-profits are able to advertise their programs, events, and resources within the app, but non-profits do not get any access to your conversations within the app. All of your data is private to you and your support group.

The same goes for sponsors. However, sponsors cannot even advertise their services, programs, events within the app. Sponsors get to showcase their logo within the mobile app and website for the non-profit organization they are supporting financially.

Sponsors do not harm the safety and good vibes that Your Circle is all about. Sponsors are here to help the non-profits provide an awesome app to you.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask me. I would be happy to answer.

Levi Bostian

Levi Bostian

Founder of Your Circle. I am the person who says hello when you signup for the app :)

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