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Privacy policy updates - May, 2018

Like everyone else in the world for the past month, you have probably received a lot of emails telling you that "Our privacy policy has been updated". Today, our privacy policy has also been updated.

TL;DR: Here is a short list of the changes done to the policy (check out all of the posts under the tag, policy-update for newer policy update blog posts):

  • Chat messages sent in the app are deleted 7 days later.
  • None of your information is sold, ever. None of your information is public.
  • More details have been added to the policy to be more readable and less vague.
  • Section added for advertisements where non-profits can advertise their programs and services to you in the app. None of your information is sold or shared with anyone outside of our team including non-profits, ever.

Why the policy update?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new law put into effect May 24, 2018. This law comes into play for all businesses that have an office physically in the European Union (EU) or have users/customers who are in the EU.

This new law updates regulations on data privacy for users online. The Internet is a much different place today then it was 20 years ago when the law was last updated. The GDPR is a new law protecting the EU citizens with their digital lives while being online.

The GDPR and Your Circle

Your Circle has never had users in the EU and we are not located in the EU. Because of this, we are not required to conform to the GDPR law. However, I am very happy to see new laws such as the GDPR come up protecting the rights of citizens while online. Because of this, I decided to update the policies of Your Circle anyway to conform to the GDPR law to protect the Your Circle users.

More transparency and privacy is a good thing. So, why not apply those rules even if they are optional?!

What has changed?

  • The policy is more readable. The old privacy policy was not super easy to understand. This new policy was written from scratch to be easier to understand.
  • More transparent. There are new sections added to the policy such as "How Long We Keep Information", "Sharing Information", and "Advertisements". Also, instead of vague language such as we will delete your data within a reasonable amount of time has been edited to we will delete your data within 48 hours.
  • Chat messages sent in the app are all deleted 7 days later. This is to give you more privacy and security.
  • None of your information is sold or shared with anyone outside of our team, ever. This has always been the case, but it is now included in the Privacy Policy.
  • Advertisements section added to the policy. Non-profits are able to advertise their programs and services inside of the app to you if they pay for your membership fee to Your Circle. They will never receive any information about yourself, but they can show you information about their organization to you within the app.

As always, contact me if you have specific questions about the Privacy Policy.

I am very excited about this new update. It is the most secure, private, and readable policy we have ever had. I plan for it to become even better as the app matures. As always, Your Circle is here to provide support to you. Because we charge you to use the app, we do not sell your information. It's simply not what we believe in. Because of that, our privacy policy reflects more about how we keep you safe online rather then how we use your information for profit.

The full history of our policies can be found here on GitHub. They are under the Creative Commons license for you to use for your own policies as well.

Peace and love,

Levi Bostian

Levi Bostian

Founder of Your Circle. I am the person who says hello when you signup for the app :)

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