New Your Circle website is live!

When Your Circle was launched in the summer of 2017, the website was not very helpful. There was not a lot of information available to learn about the app and how it works. There was no information about me, the creator of Your Circle and the story behind it. There was no information available to non-profits who would like to see how Your Circle can help them to engage with the next generation of patients and their families by providing emotional support to them.

Today, all of these issues have been addressed. The new Your Circle website is live!


  • Newly designed homepage
  • Added an about page talking about the story behind Your Circle, Levi it's founder, and the vision of Your Circle.
  • Added a webpage for non-profit organizations to learn how Your Circle can help them reach their next generation of patients and their families.
  • Newly designed webpages for each non-profit part of Your Circle. Check out this example webpage.

This new website for Your Circle is very exciting for me. Your Circle now has a home on the Internet where it's story can be shared.

What's next for Your Circle? I am making a big change to the Android and iOS app right now to make it much easier to signup and use the app.

  1. No more passwords. Create an account and login with just your email address.
  2. Making it easier to download the app, access the online resources it offers, and signup for your chat group.

Peace and love, Levi

Levi Bostian

Levi Bostian

Founder of Your Circle. I am the person who says hello when you signup for the app :)

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