It's only fair if I share my personal bio question answers.

The power of the Your Circle mobile app is that you get matched with a group of people who can relate to you. The match making process is done by hand by myself, Levi. I take a lot of pride in the manual process of getting to know each and every person that comes into the app and finding others for them to relate with. Everyone is important in this world.

To match people together, you need to get to know them. You cannot match random people together by just their email address! You need to know these people at a personal level.

To do this, all users of the Your Circle mobile app get asked a series of bio questions. These questions range from sharing your hobbies and music taste, your age and job, to your relationship with cancer.

To answer these bio questions, it takes trust. You are sharing personal information about yourself with me, Levi, a complete stranger. One mission I have with Your Circle is to bring the world closer together in a very trustworthy and tight-knit community. It means so much to me that all of us in the app are willing to trust each other to have real, serious and not-so-serious conversations together.

To help with that trust factor, I feel that it is only fair that if I am asking every user who joins the Your Circle mobile app to answer a series of bio questions, I need to also answer them myself and provide them to you. Here we go!

(continue reading to the bottom where I also share how this information is stored and who it gets shared with)

What is your favorite music to listen to? Any songs or artists you really enjoy?

I listen to about anything but country and some classic rock. I really enjoy low-fi music, hip hop, rap, and a bit of rock. I love listening to music on SoundCloud to find some indie artists to listen to.

On a typical day off, what are you doing? What are your hobbies?

I work from my home so when I have some time off of work, I enjoy getting out of the house. I go running and walking everyday and listen to podcasts. I bike, longboard, and shoot basketball hoops. I am starting a garden very soon that I am very excited about because I will have an excuse to be outdoors even more! I really enjoy rock climbing, tent camping, and going out to eat with friends and family at really good foreign food restaurants.

In the past month, how would you describe your emotions? Have you mostly been happy, sad, anxious, confident, hopeful, fearful, angry, unable to cope, misunderstood, fulfilled?

I have had a pretty good past month. Being a full-time entrepreneur is a pretty tough job especially when you work alone from your home. It's really easy to get lonely and feel worthless. I have been doing this job for 3 years now, however, and have learned a lot on how to stay positive. I am very lucky that I have an awesome job that I love that keeps me coming back each day.

I am very fortunate that my health is currently doing well. My family is pretty healthy at the moment as well with some exceptions to surgeries scheduled. This health helps to keep my emotions more steady. I work hard to enjoy each day as I can. Things are good! Life is good!

What is your current job, or are you a student?

I am a full-time entrepreneur. I build Android & iOS mobile apps. I am currently building Your Circle - a virtual support group mobile app for cancer patients and their families. I also am a freelancer building Android & iOS apps for startups. Lastly, I am beginning to create online courses for indie Android & iOS developers.

What is your birth date? (You can say January 1st 1980, 55 years old, 20-25 years old. Whatever you're comfortable with)

I am currently 25 years old with a July birthday (best month of the year!).

Do you have religious beliefs? How important are they to you?

I do not have much to share about this at the moment.

What is your gender identification?

I am a straight male. He/his is my pronoun.

What is your relationship with cancer? (Are you are a patient, your sibling is a patient, your child is a patient, you are a survivor, etc.)

I am fortunate enough to not be a patient and not have immediate family with cancer. I have survivors as well as current cancer patients in my extended family that have been fighting for years now. I also have friends that are really impacted by cancer.

How long has this cancer been going on? (example: 1 month or 4 years)

Not a patient, but as far as my family and friends go, 5-10 years.

Where is this information stored?

When you answer the set of bio questions, all of the information gets stored in a database on the website Typeform.com (a very popular website that is trusted) in a private and secure account that only me, Levi, has access to. Also, the form submission is emailed to my email address for me to see if you have any concerns I should address immediately. All information is stored securely and privately where me, Levi, am the only person who has access. No information is ever sold or used for spam, ever.

Although there is never a 100% guarantee against any of your information on the Internet to remain secure (it doesn't matter who stores your information), at Your Circle your privacy is a high priority and I make sure to be transparent about your information on this blog.

Above is the current set of bio questions asked within the app for those effected by cancer. In the future, these bio questions are sure to change to help match people even better. When I change the questions, I will be sure to update this page.

Peace and love,

Levi Bostian

Levi Bostian

Founder of Your Circle. I am the person who says hello when you signup for the app :)

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